09 March 2010

Who's Got the Power?

The power to dance, that is?

PBS has an animated show called "Super Why," in which four characters with watermelon-shaped heads explore phonetics and the "power to read."

The theme song is rather catchy, and we've molded it to our own desires, using it at times to encourage Olivia to get ready for the day or to make a rather mundane task seem more exciting.  The basic lyrics are as follows:

Who's got the power, the power to [insert task]?
Who answers the call of friends in need?
Super Olivia!  Super Olivia,
She's [insert some sort of exciting virtue associated with said task],
She's Super Olivia!

The other morning, I caught an impromptu dance session with Olivia performing, accompanied by her father singing a rather interesting version of the Super Why song.  First, the performance:

Now, the lyrics:

Olivia Carmel, the power to spin,
Who can really move it and dance it around?
She has the ability to make cool spinny moves and spin around!
Ye-eah!  Olivia Carmel,
She can do it in all directions!
Go-go!  Olivia!
She's our dancing little girl.
Oh, yeah!  Olivia!
She's so big and has the ability to dance!

We also had another go at it, with even greater lyrics (if not as much spinning):

Olivia Carmel, the power to dance,
The power to spin, the power to mo-ve.
Olivia!  Olivia Carmel!
Many different tempos of beat.
Different levels: low and high
And spinning and not spinning.
All kinds of things Olivia can do:
She can move, and she dances great dancing [indistinct]
Yeah, yeah!  Olivia!
Go, Olivia Carmel, do the dance!

I love my husband - he is the master of impromptu fun.  I must, however, add a disclaimer - this one is particularly for Gramma, who has a very refined ear in terms of singing - Gramma, this is NOT Nathan's normal singing voice.  He is simply copying the style of the Super Why song.  Just so you don't worry about voice placement and tone.  Love you! : )

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Dena said...

you gotta get her in a dance class soon! this dancing girl is about to explode :)