12 November 2007

Olivia in the Morning:

We never tried to get Olivia in the habit of sleeping by herself. Although she is taking up an increasing amount of space and often sleeps horizontally or diagonally, pushing both Liz and I to our respective edges of the bed, she makes up for the inconvenience by talking in her sleep and doing other cute things in the early morning. Here is a transcript of this morning's sleep-talking:

[with her eyes half-open] Meeeeeeeeeow . . . Meeeeeeeow. [rolls over] Gawgie. [pants and makes a soft dog barking sound]. Daw kitty (which means "Draw a kitty") [she then relaxes and falls back to sleep]


Kim said...

This perfectly sums up Kapono's sleeping style! He nailed me in the mouth this morning when he sat up in the middle of the bed, still mostly asleep, and then fell (back asleep) headfirst into my face. The life and times of the co-sleeping parent...

I'm so glad Olivia started a weblog! :-)

Suzanne said...

It's so funny when babies wake up and say something random before falling back to sleep. "Meow," though, is just hilarious.