25 September 2007

25 September

We met today at the Hinman Park (I can't for the life of me recall what its new name is), and played and then sang!

We sang a song about a tiny seed, which springs forth from the soil of God's Love by the Hand of His Bounty.

As we were singing, a little inch-worm landed in Olivia's hair, and then found its way to Amia's palm, where it was loved a little too tightly. We sang a little song about an inch-worm in tribute, hoping another one would come our way and, lo, and behold, onto Sarah's forehead sprang another inch-worm friend!

The natural world is such a wonderful way to teach children about spiritual qualities. Which is one of the reasons that I think we as a society are having a difficult time connecting with said qualities - we are so removed from the cycles of nature, and the lessons that they bring!

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